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João Freire de Andrade

[ executive director ]

João is the Managing Partner at Start Ventures, a leading venture capital firm that focuses on investing in early-stage companies. With a passion for innovation, João has dedicated his career to supporting entrepreneurs and fostering the growth of startup ecosystems around the world.

Before joining Start Ventures, João volunteered at NGO Move, where he worked to support the creation of seven businesses with underprivileged entrepreneurs in Mozambique. In his home country of Portugal, João founded and led Bring Entrepreneurs Together (BET), the largest university organization in the country dedicated to developing entrepreneurship.

At Start Ventures, João founded the Portugal Fintech Association, which has been instrumental in fostering and promoting the Portuguese fintech ecosystem. Additionally, he co-founded the Portugal Finlab with the Portuguese Financial Regulators to create a regulatory innovation hub.

As an advocate for fintech, João has also contributed academically by joining Católica-Lisbon SBE to teach and research fintech and entrepreneurial finance. With his extensive experience and passion for innovation, João is a key member of the Start Ventures team, driving the success of the firm and supporting the growth of the global startup community.