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João Menano

[ venture partner ]

João, a Venture Partner at Start Ventures, brings immense value to portfolio companies through his exceptional expertise and track record. His entrepreneurial journey began with the founding of James in 2013, a venture that he successfully sold to Google in 2019. This experience provided João with invaluable insights into every aspect of building a company from scratch, expanding it globally, and ultimately achieving a lucrative exit.

Having personally traversed the challenging path of entrepreneurship, João now harbors a deep passion for working alongside other founders, assisting them in achieving similar milestones. He has served as a Business Angel and Advisor for numerous companies within the AI and Insurance sectors, cementing his reputation as a trusted and knowledgeable industry expert.

João’s extensive background as a Product Leader at Google further augments his expertise. His years of experience in developing and managing successful products contribute to his ability to provide invaluable guidance to all of Start Ventures’ portfolio companies. With a specific emphasis on product development and Go-to-market. João actively collaborates with these companies, ensuring they receive tailored support and strategic insights to maximize their growth potential.