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Nuno Afonso

[ analyst ]

Nuno is an Investment Analyst at Start Ventures, specializing in sourcing and evaluating promising early-stage startups within the insurtech sector. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s degree in Finance from Nova School of Business and Economics.

During his academic tenure at Nova SBE, Nuno was actively involved in pro-bono consultancy projects for startups through SEEK, a student-run initiative. This hands-on experience sharpened his skills in identifying and supporting high-potential ventures, while also fueling his passion for entrepreneurship and innovation.

As a natural networker, Nuno excels at attending industry events, forging meaningful connections, and uncovering new opportunities. His sociable and inquisitive nature enables him to seamlessly integrate into various startup ecosystems and effectively engage with promising early-stage companies.
In his role at Start Ventures, Nuno utilizes his comprehensive knowledge and experience to support the growth and success of the firm’s insurtech-focused deals.