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Nuno Campos

[ analyst ]

Nuno is a Senior Consultant at Start Ventures, focused on product and tech. With a strong background in finance and technology, Nuno provides invaluable guidance and support to portfolio companies in these key areas. Nuno brings a wealth of experience to the table, having worked as a Finance researcher and Software Engineer at James, where he contributed to product improvements and played a vital role in re-architecting frontend, backend, and machine learning components.

His tenure at YLD as a Software Engineer further enhanced his expertise, leading a team in delivering impactful projects for clients. With a deep passion for empowering entrepreneurs, Nuno co-founded Boringbits, a finance consulting firm focused on providing essential financial expertise to drive business success.

Nuno is currently one of the earliest Software Engineers at LangChain, the leading platform for building applications with LLMs. Leveraging his diverse skill set and practical know-how, Nuno actively assists portfolio companies at Start Ventures in tech and product, helping them maximize growth potential and achieve their strategic goals.