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Rafik Shamsudin

[ analyst ]

Rafik is an investment analyst at Start Ventures, having joined the company as a summer intern in July 2022. He plays a vital role in analyzing investment opportunities and providing support to the portfolio companies.

Thriving in a fast-paced environment, Rafik embraces the constant need to learn and analyze, recognizing that each startup is unique. His day-to-day activities vary significantly as he delves into the minds of founders, seeking to understand their perspectives and operational approaches. By gaining deep insights into their thinking and operations, he ensures sound investment decisions and actively supports portfolio companies during their growth phases.

Rafik holds a Master’s degree in Finance from Nova SBE .Prior to joining Start Ventures, he gained valuable experience working at two startups, immersing himself in the vibrant and innovative world of entrepreneurship. In addition, Rafik founded a volunteer project and a student consulting firm, reflecting his passion for making a positive impact and contributing to the community.

In his role at Start Ventures, Rafik has focused in looking at Fintech, with its main interests being in ESG, Fintech Infrastructure, and the intersection of it with other industries, such as Healthcare. Additionally, he has also worked in Católica-Lisbon SBE as grader for the Entrepreneurial Finance class.