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Take a risk.
A calculated risk.

Our Philosophy

We are early-stage investors keen on entering early and supporting through every step. We want to be there from the start and be the “button” founders click to start the wild adventure of ventures.

At Start Ventures, we believe that the early-stage of a company is where the most exciting and impactful innovations are born. That’s why we’re passionate about supporting founders through every step of their wild adventure.


Laser-focused in Financial Services

We believe that financial systems are the key to economic growth. Good access to finance improves overall welfare, as it empowers people to better manage their needs and thrive. We also believe that technology is the engine that can power the transformation of the financial system to a fairer and more efficient one, which will then spillover growth to other sectors of the economy.

We have seen the sector’s evolution, its acceleration by Covid-19, and we are ready for what more is to come. We know there are ups and downs across the investment lifecycle, but we truly believe in the structural difference that can be made in the Financial Sector in the long-term even in times of less liquidity.

Only technology can challenge the industry’s status quo

We live in an era where more and more, technology is power.

Banks and Insurers are being challenged by fast changing consumer expectations, as they expect personalization, lower costs and seamless experiences. This puts pressure and urgency for digital transformation, which can no more be slowed down by legacy systems.

When Banks and Insurers are not able to quickly respond, consumers find alternatives resulting in customer relationship disintermediation which then leads to product commoditization and consequently price wars.

But more than distribution, which was the first part of the value chain to be disrupted, the core of the Financial Sector needs to recognize the advantages that come with the use of disruptive tech like AI, blockchain, APIs and alternative data across the value chain.

Global since day one

We’re global, and we expect you to be too – maybe not today, but ready to scale tomorrow.

Committed to Sustainability

We recognize the critical role that responsible investing plays not only in reducing risk, but also in driving financial returns.

Our commitment with sustainability is part of who we are and how we work, thus this responsible investing approach is integrated throughout our investment process.

Learn more about our Sustainability Risk Management Policy.